August 19th to October 21st 2009 4000 km in 64 Stages


I want to run
I run for life

Some statistics

2375. day post

11 countries
Youngest man: 1975
Eldest man: 1935
Youngest Woman: 1972
Eldest woman: 1942
Shortest stage: 39 km
Longest stage: 83.3 km
Ø Stage:65.2 km
complete:4175.9 km


Ingo Schulze
Hauptstraße 52
72160 Horb - Nordstetten
Tel: 0049 (0) 7451/4615
Fax: - 624756
Mobil: 0171 / 42 51 435


Since June 2001


Ingo’s books

Cover von Ingos Buch
Das Buch über meine "Weltreise" als Passagier auf einem Frachtschiff ist fertig. Es kann bei Interesse bei mir oder beim Engelsdorfer-Verlag bestellt werden. Es kostet 18 Euro und auf 126 Seiten kann man mein 49-tägiges Seefahrtabenteuer nachvollziehen. Es ist mit über 65 Fotos bespikt, wovon 30 Bilder in Farbe sind. Es ist ein Handbuch für Nachahmer! ISBN 978-3-95488-492-6.

Cover von Ingos Buch Ingos Erfahrungen als Organisator des „TE-FR 2012. Das Buch hat 205 Seiten. ISBN 978-3-95488-207-6. Preis: 12 Euro. Alle Bücher können beim "Engelsdorfer-Verlag" bestellt werden. Gern können die Bücher auch bei Ingo direkt bestellt werden und er schreibt eine Widmung hinein. Cover von Ingos Buch Ingo Schulze, our organiser & RD wrote a book about his experience with the 2009 TEFR.
The book is available at: Engelsdorfer Verlagsgesellschaft with the ISBN-Nr 978-3-86901-782-2 for the price of Euros 12.00.Title: „TranseuropaLauf 2009“ However you can order it directly from Ingo with the addition of postage. You also can request his autograph and a short appropriate paragraph.Cover von Ingos Buch

Ingo Schulze, our organiser & RD wrote a book about his experience with the 2003 TEFR.
The book is available at: Engelsdorfer Verlagsgesellschaft with the ISBN-Nr 978-3-86703-437-1 for the price of Euros 15.95.Title: „Transeuropalauf 2003“ However you can order it directly from Ingo with the addition of postage. You also can request his autograph and a short appropriate paragraph. [order]


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Introducing the Organizer

Since 1978 I have been an Ultra-Runner and can’t imagine a life without sport. To stay in this sport the world around you need to be stable, especially your family needs to be behind you all the way, giving you strength and confidence. Now that I am a runner as well as an organizer The single person has a different setup with girlfriends or boyfriends or parents to consider. We are similar, regardless of which family status we have. Important is to know that the people in our life are behind us by supporting us.
For me the 2009 TransEurope-FootRace, other Germany events and „Spree-Runs“ 2002, 2002 and the 2003 „TransEuropeFootRace“And more Germany runs since 2005 were more challenges and almost becomes a life-mission.

The „TransEuropeFootRace 2003“ was the toughest challenge to date of such an event to organise for Ingo, helpers and everybody involved.You will remember the emotions that were set free after the event.People swore, complained and even accused others. At this point it is save to assume that no such event will take place again.

A long time has passed since and emotions have subsided some by now and as the saying goes: Time heals all wounds.Today we ask ourselves what went wrong during the „2003 TEFR“/ Answers are rare in forthcoming. All had a roof over their head, food to eat (although not always enough and the quality can be debated). The organisation is well aware that there were some problems but during such an event it must be anticipated that not everything goes as planned.

Also during the „TR-FR 2009“ such things will happen. We will pass through regions where few people life and fewer services will be available such as smaller Gyms or they variety of available food & beverage items. Improvisation at times is unavoidable at times.Every „TR-FR 2009“ it will be necessary for each participant to bring a one-man-tent. Although in 2003 it was never needed in 2009 we may need it more often.

There will not always be a restaurant available so we need to improviseand do with what’s available. This may be a mute point as we may have the possibility of having a portable kitchen on wheels available that will be with us along the entire route.

The „TE-FR 2009“ participant should already prepare him/her self and be advised of the following:

  • You must be able to visualise this event in your head and be mentally prepared to deal with all possible aspects
  • In vision: Getting up EVERY morning at around 4:30 AM and run an average of 70 km per day. Before applying you must determine if you are capable and willing to do this for 64 days.
  • 65 days without family, friends, TV, movies and whatever, do I want to do this?
  • To run during cold, heat, hail, rain, up & downhill, bad stomach or other ailments. Are you willing to do all this?

To sleep in sometimes small Gyms with people snoring all over the place...

We are not trying to scare you here but every potential applicant needs to think about these items. Ideally talk with somebody who has participated in such a trans continental events such as the Trans Australia, the many Across America and the TEFR events, to get better informed and how they dealt with it adversity?
After the initial 1927 & 1928 there were no more Trans Continent events until the early 1990 when the Across America events started up.

Ingo Schulze

A short portrait about Ingo Schulze

  • Born February 8.1948 in Tangermünde /Stendal
  • Married since 1971 with Inge Schulze
  • Career development: Baker, Ship-Cook, and 2 years as baker in Australia. As of 1973 soldier with the 8th Aircraft defence unit.
  • Two grown-up sons with two Grand-ChildrenDuring that time I went to evening school to become a Business-Manager. Since 1985 I have been working with Daimler Benz (Mercedes) in their security division at Sindelfingen, Germany.

  • Since 1978 Ultra runner
  • Since 1998 I tried to be a race director
  • Since May 2006 I have completed 116.000 Running Kilometres

Organizer of the following events:

  • Horber „Stair“ run in 1996, 1997, 1998 & 1999
  • Horb „Neckars-Lauf (river-run) 1998, 200 & 2001
  • Nordstetter-Schloss (castle) Run 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003 & 2004
  • Deutschland-Lauf  (Germany-Run) 1998, 2005, 2007 and the 2007 & the 2008 events are in the planning stages
  • Spree-Lauf (a German river) 2000, 2001, 2002 & 2004
  • 2003 „TransEurope-Foot-Race. A 5,036 – km, 64-day run from Lisbon-Portugal to Moscow-Russia

There were several smaller event which were not considered races, therefore not individually listed
A few outstanding personal achievements:

  • Deutschland Lauf 1983 (1,097 km, 1st entree into the Guinness-Book of records
  • Deutschkandlauf 1993 (1,3005 km), 2nd entree in the Book-Book of records
  • Partner-ship run from Horb to Salins les Bains, France with 353 km in 59.5 hours
  • Partnership-Run from Horb to Haslemere, England with 856 km in 7 days & 4.5 hours
  • Marathon des Sables in the North Moroccan Sahara desert 1997
  • Six-Day run in Odessa (Ukraine) in 1997

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