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The webmaster of this site adheres strictly to the rules and regulations of the German Data-laws. Personal data will only be used on this web site, as they are needed for technical purposes. Any personal data in this site will not be passed on to third parties or sold to any third parties under any circumstances. 

The use of data in particular:

Log files:
The provider automatically saves in its server log files information, which are sent from the browser. These are:

  • Browser type & version
  • Type of System & version
  • IP address
  • Exactly time of request

These data are not intermingled with other data sources, this makes it impossible that these data will get to an actual person. These data will exclusively be used for statistical purposes and to count the number of visitors to this web site.

We will not use Cookies here

To register for the offered newsletter we will use the confirmed „Opt-In“ system in which you only need to provide your e-mail address.
This e-mail will be consistently used until you unsubscribe from the newsletter. In this case your e-mail will be removed from our data bank within 24 hours, at the latest after 36 hours.
It’s possible to cancel your newsletter subscription at any time, which will result in the immediate removal of your e-mail address from our data bank.

Guest book
Your given information regarding your person, location, URL and e-mail address are entirely voluntary.
They will be visible for any one with the posted data, any messages and the date they were posted.
Entrees can be removed after a reasonable time by your request to the web master.

Right To-Know
At any time you have the right to the information and data regarding your person and the purpose of it.
Information regarding these data can be provided by Sebastian

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