August 19th to October 21st 2009 4000 km in 64 Stages


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Some statistics

2346. day post

11 countries
Youngest man: 1975
Eldest man: 1935
Youngest Woman: 1972
Eldest woman: 1942
Shortest stage: 39 km
Longest stage: 83.3 km
Ø Stage:65.2 km
complete:4175.9 km


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Ingo’s books

Cover von Ingos Buch
Das Buch über meine "Weltreise" als Passagier auf einem Frachtschiff ist fertig. Es kann bei Interesse bei mir oder beim Engelsdorfer-Verlag bestellt werden. Es kostet 18 Euro und auf 126 Seiten kann man mein 49-tägiges Seefahrtabenteuer nachvollziehen. Es ist mit über 65 Fotos bespikt, wovon 30 Bilder in Farbe sind. Es ist ein Handbuch für Nachahmer! ISBN 978-3-95488-492-6.

Cover von Ingos Buch Ingos Erfahrungen als Organisator des „TE-FR 2012. Das Buch hat 205 Seiten. ISBN 978-3-95488-207-6. Preis: 12 Euro. Alle Bücher können beim "Engelsdorfer-Verlag" bestellt werden. Gern können die Bücher auch bei Ingo direkt bestellt werden und er schreibt eine Widmung hinein. Cover von Ingos Buch Ingo Schulze, our organiser & RD wrote a book about his experience with the 2009 TEFR.
The book is available at: Engelsdorfer Verlagsgesellschaft with the ISBN-Nr 978-3-86901-782-2 for the price of Euros 12.00.Title: „TranseuropaLauf 2009“ However you can order it directly from Ingo with the addition of postage. You also can request his autograph and a short appropriate paragraph.Cover von Ingos Buch

Ingo Schulze, our organiser & RD wrote a book about his experience with the 2003 TEFR.
The book is available at: Engelsdorfer Verlagsgesellschaft with the ISBN-Nr 978-3-86703-437-1 for the price of Euros 15.95.Title: „Transeuropalauf 2003“ However you can order it directly from Ingo with the addition of postage. You also can request his autograph and a short appropriate paragraph. [order]


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Most of the translation is done by Jürgen Ankenbrand.


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Frequently asked questions

01    How is the starting fee figured?    

800 und 5200 Euro Total 6000 Euro

02    How does the RD deal with troublemakers?    

Difficult: These people will be warned several times. I will create a committee of runners & volunteers to decide. Look for an amicable solution. See paragraph 31 + 48.

03     When do I have to send the starting fee?    

At best right away to secure a starting place. For your info, I plan 50 participants. It is important that the total starting group will be established ASAP to make planning easier all around.

04    Am I responsible for the transfer to the start and finish? If so, do I get information from the RD regarding this matter?      

Yes, each individual is responsible for this. I will make available to you as early as possible the information you need to make these arrangements. I will try to have maps of the start and finish areas. The start and finish areas are such that they can be reached via airplane and or train connections.
Important to you: Get information regarding these connections as early as possible

05    Should I carry cash or a credit card with me during the run?    

Definitely. You may want to make a phone call, eat snacks or a piece of cake along the way. Absolutely, keep some small bills & change on you at all times. Euro-Check-card. Be sure that your financial assets are sufficient for the entire trip. A loan against your deposit is NOT possible. See paragraph 36

06    What happens if no night accommodations can be found? Or secured    

We then will sleep under a star-studded sky & hope it will not rain. It is mandatory to bring an IGLOO tent.
To calm your nerves: During the 2003 TE-FR and 2009 we had „indoor accommodations" every evening. It wasn’t always what we „wished“or „hoped for“but we always had a roof over our head. See paragraph 15

07    Is our daily nourishment assured?

It is possible that one time or another you will have to do without a hot/warm meal. Then you will eat sandwiches with cold cuts, yoghurt, fruits and similar food items. It is imperative that each participant is aware of what he/she is getting him/her self into on this trip. We will not have situations like in Germany at all times. The start is the GYMS as many during the 2003 TE-FR and 2009 have found. However, we will do every thing possible to assure ample nourishments for all.  

08    What should I bring on gear?  

Look at my list, although it is only a „suggestion“of what to bring. Consider weight limitations, because space for gear and luggage is limited. Your gear weight is limited to 30 kg (about 60 pounds) per person. See paragraph 16. When assembling your gear list, think about all possible weather situations such as: Heat, Rain, and Hail & Storms. See paragraph 18.

09    Should I have to quit the run after a few days: What happens to my starting fee, how do I get home?

The starting fee will be GONE. As at all events. I will have to calculate every single Euro I spent to potentially save it somewhere else. However, it is impossible for the RD to foresee & estimate all & every expense ahead of time.  A suggestion: If a German runner anticipates in Denmark or in Germany already that he will not being able to finish the run, he should try to hang in there until already in Germany. From there it will be cheaper to get home. Under this scenario it would be „unwise“to continue until Gibraltar and then to start the return trip home. However each person is responsible for his own action and decision.

10    Can I shower every night?

 Almost certainly NOT. You must anticipate doing without at times The 2003 TE-FR and 2009 participants had to shower several times with COLD water. However, there were instances that NO showers were available at all, so be prepared. See paragraph 25

11    How do I handle sweaty clothing?

There may be the possibility of laundry mates; however I doubt that runners will use them. I „suggest“wearing your running outfit while taking a shower. During warm weather your cloth should be dry by next morning.  During the 2003 TE-FR and the Trans America run this worked well. See paragraph 19 & 25

12    What if I take ill before or during the race?

Hopefully this will not happen. Should this happen, the organisation can bring the runner to the nearest doctor. The situation then will be as if you are on vacation in a foreign country. Therefore it is essential that each participant will secure some kind of insurance for such an event.  Also consider your return trip home The 2009 „TE-FR“ and 2009 will have to continue. The return insurance is mandatory for all participants. Since I CAN NOT check this, it is up to the individual to take care of this to avoid any potential financial; losses. The information & or papers regarding such an insurance coverage can be requested from me. Be prepared for ANY extreme situations. See paragraphs 31 & 48.

13    I got lost on the route, what should I do?

On your start number (which needs to be worn AT ALL TIMES) there will be listed my „Mobil-phone-number“which is: +49 (0) 171 / 42 51 435 you can reach me any time under that number. Should you be stuck, I can send help that way. See paragraph 8.

14    What if I forgot something important at home?    

Continue to read your checklist. If you are not leaving your route, you can shop along the way. The volunteers however, can & will NOT take any order lists (verbal or written) from runners to shop for you.

15    Am I injured?    

Sure. The organisation will provide appropriate insurance coverage for runners & volunteers. Otherwise all runners will start at their OWN risk. All runners & volunteers need to take care of any „foreign- country“insurance needs and bring any pertinent papers with them on the trip. See paragraph 10

16    What if I can’t meet the time limit one time? I am OUT after only ONE time of weakness?    

NO, not necessarily. The time to meet is 6, 0 km/h.  Should a runner have a „bad day“then I take it upon myself to „extend“his time? However, overall he needs to get back on track and meet the daily minimum time limits.

17    Can I also start as stage runner?    

Absolutely. The transfer (getting there and back home) is the responsibility of the stage runner and the continuation of the event cannot be influenced at any time. See paragraph 42

18    How shall I prepare for the „adventure „TE-FR“? What can or should I expect?

See the web site I am convinced that you have the running ability. Every one that has signed up should be sure of his appropriate running ability. Almost more important is the MENTAL preparation for each runner. I will continue to update all of you every other month, as we get closer to the event.  

19    I am driving a crew vehicle. Is there something special I should know?    

Get gas „REGULARLY“; check tire pressure, battery water and other car matters. We often will not know how far it will be to the next gas station. Guard your car like you would your home. Don’t let any unauthorized person next to or into your car at any time, ask him/her to leave. See paragraphs 43 & 44

20    Can my relatives reach me?

 You will receive from me a list of all stage finishes as accurate as possible. Most of you, I assume, will have a cell phone with you? In an emergency ONLY you can call my mobile phone at+49 (0) 171 / 42 51 435. Reason for in an emergency ONLY: Up to the German border the CALLER will pay for the call. Outside the German border I, Ingo Schulze will have to pay for any & all calls, explaining that I am NOT eager to accept calls except in a real emergency. At the TransEurope-FootRace in 2003, I wound up paying several 1000 Euros for calls I received on this mobile phone. See paragraph 20  

21    When do the asked for papers & documents have to be complete and send in?    

As soon as possible. It makes the advance – work and it will keep my-our heads clear for other work. All accepted applicants will get a notice at the appropriate time to send in ALL of their requested documents, when this happens please respond ASAP

22    Why 2 passport pictures and run photos of myself and a short synopsis of my running background?    

After the race you can request for your passport images to be returned and decide if you should have new ones made. I need the images & your run history to introduce you to the press. These people want to know something about all runners. See paragraph 4

23    How will daily times be taken and measured?

 The timekeeper is very accurate in his responsibility. He notes hours, minutes & seconds. Starting with the second day there will be a running total of run times available. Starting with day two, we will post two lists, one with that day’s times and an accumulative time list. See paragraph 38

24    I have a sensitive back & wish to bring my camping sleeping cot.    

Non-chance! We have limited transport space. See paragraph 15. There will also be some gyms where it is forbidden to place sleeping cots. I have slept for weeks on the carpet in my living room to prepare for similar events. The first few days you may be uncomfortable but then you will get used to it and sleep well.

25    I heard about a 30-kilo baggage limit/allowance?

Definitely leave the iron at home, then you are almost there. I will weigh all your luggage and can’t avoid to charge those who have „over-weight“. That could be very expensive depending on the extra pounds you bring along. For example, if you have three extra kilos, I’ll have to charge you 64 days’ times 0.50 Euros. For a total of Euros 96. The 2003 Trans Europe event and the cross the German country showed that people brought items that weaver were used yet \all that staff had to unloaded and loaded again twice every day. A lot of work for nothing. See paragraph 16

26    Can I get lost running?

Absolutely, no problem. This is normal since your concentration may experience a lapse. I can post arrows as large as I want & you will pass by them without noticing them. If you are uncertain retrace your steps (see paragraph 24).

27    What will be handled in the press? Can I get photos and or reports?

 I collect all submitted newspaper articles & place them into a brochure. Here I depend on your help. Please send me any and all articles you get a hold of either local or otherwise.

28    How about money premiums for performance?

Very unlikely. I never enticed any one with a monetary premium. However, should I find a sponsor who will put up a premium I will consider the idea. I want to use all start fee amounts to benefit all runners and the event in full including the finishing party. Do you want to reach deep into your pocket to that the star (winner) can be celebrated?

29    Why will there be no time - record kept of stage runners.    

This would create a second race. The stage runner would take off and the ‚regular“runners would try to keep up whether they want to or not. These runners must conserve energy and concentrate on their own race. You as stage runners should „enrich“the event and bring a „supporting“ roll to the run. The runners will welcome your presence. Leave your stopwatch at home and take joy in the fact that you have helped the „TE-FR“runners morally with your presence and at the same time ran many kilometres.

30    I feel that I have reached my physical limit and can’t run another step? What now?    

So what. This feeling is natural and will return along the entire route. This is a long process. On average you will not get to this point of total exhaustion all of a sudden. Just slow down somewhat, a request to all of you. Don’t stop in the middle of nowhere and yell, „I can’t any more“. No one will hear you anyway. If you quit, you must do so at an aid station. See paragraph 10

31    When will I be discouraged from participating and WHY?    

An extensive training is a MUST. The Extensive training is essential and a MUST. The motto „let’s see how far I get“ will NOT work here for sure. Did you suffer six weeks before the start an illness or an operation? If so, definitely stay at home. Not give/donate blood up to at least two month before the start. If you need the money, I’ll give it to you (just kidding). It would be a health risk. Therefore please remember the Travel Insurance just in case something happens. Plus any pertinent shots from your doctor.

32    I want to represent a sponsor

Even if I offer this event at a K-Mart price it is a lot of money and a sponsor would be very welcome here. See paragraph 13

33    How can I estimate the entire costs for the „TE-FR“?

Figure the following expenses for the entire event: Starting fee costs to & from the start/finish, loss or earnings from job. Consider another trans Continental run or some of the desert running events. There, often you must arrange for, or supply your own food, nightly lodgings and bring your own crew. Added vehicle expenses and the above can easily bring the total to $13.000 to $14.000, a much higher sum than the „TE-FR“ will; cost you.

34    For most the „TE-FR“ will be a one-time adventure experience. How will I be kept informed up to the start?

No worries, we won’t leave you stranded. Check the home page or People without Internet access should look at the web site at a friend’s computer.  At the beginning of 2012 you will receive a detailed address list of all daily stage finishes. I will then assemble all required documents and will send them to you per regular mail. Naturally you can still contact for any missing info or questions you may have.

35    I can’t participate on this run any longer. How can I get my money back?    

With the application you must send 800 Euros. In case of cancellation I will refund 6000. By August 31.2011 all runners must have submitted the entire open amount for the start fee. Starting as September 01.2012. I will refund as per paragraph 30.

36    I don’t want to leave my loved-one/s so long alone.    

No problem, bring the along. See paragraph 15, 33, 35, 41 & 48 for details.

37    What if the event must be stopped? Will my money be gone even if I do not reach the finish?    

Hopefully this will not happen. After all, we all want to run from Skagen to Gibraltar. However there is a paragraph 47 just in case such a situation arises. We won’t even consider that after three weeks a natural disaster happens & I will have to say good buy to all of you, hence the paragraph 47.

This it is by no means complete and will continue to be updated as we go along.

Translation from the German original text In case of doubt the German text prevails

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